Tips to Grow an Autoflowing Cannabis Plant 

Auto flowering cannabis are a bit different since they don’t usually respond to photoperiods like other kinds of cannabis plants, so they don’t have to rely on the amounts of sunlight provided to begin flowering. They have a few days of a vegetative period, or up to thirty days, to the point where they mature and begin to flower. That’s when you see flowers, which you should keep the male plants away from if you don’t want to have them pollinate and grow more seedings as a result. 

If you are mindful of this, you should definitely have a good result. Don’t fertilize too much, water it too much, cause it to experience too high of humidity, get it enough light, and also make sure to protect it from winds and nutrients.  This can impact the plant size too. 

The seed germination 

You first and foremost want to make sure that the seeds germinate through the paper towel means, or jiffy pellets. Some people like to use the jiffy pellets since this allows for repotting that’s simple for the plants. 

You want to see the primary root come through the jiffy pellets and then see it come out of the other side of this. The stem will do a bit of stretching. You should then report it.  Don’t report this multiple times, unless they’re going to be in the first container for a little bit. 

What pot Size 

A good rule of thumb is if the pot is small, the plant will be small. This should be obvious since it won’t have room for root expansion, which does stagnate the growth. 

If you’re going to use a pot that’s small, it’ll ill out, impacting or slowing the growth. Youwnat to definitely make sure that you grow them either in a hydroponic or in the soil so that it’s able to grow the roots, and that it continues to grow. You should also make sure the pots are on the tall side rather than the wide side, so that the roots continue to go down. 

How to Prevent Small Growth Because of Not Enough Substrate 

The biggest thing is to be mindful of the containers. You should go for automatic plant pots or what’s called square pots. Alchipots or smart pots are also good too, since it does burn the root tips to create multiple hairs to boost the nutrient uptake.  You want to make sure the pot size is not anywhere less than 20 liters to get the most out of this. 

Smaller containers that are fabric in texture will result in smaller plants, however, fabric pots do offer better evaporation of the water, so that the substrate doesn’t stay too moist for a long time, which could cause root rot to develop. 

Watering this 

A big part of this is to make sure that you do use the right kinds of watering.  At first during the germination, a little bit is there. You may want to consider making sure that you check the soil so that it’s dry enough that you don’t overwater it. 

You can also check for overwatering, which can mean that the plant has enough. In that event, don’t water it further. 

Very little water is really good, and you usually only have to do it every 2-3 days without causing it to flood.  If the temperatures are high and the humidity is low, then your plants might need more, but don’t saturate this. 

Be mindful with auto-flowering, since it is a bit more specific to water, and it can be a challenge. 

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