All about Myrcene 

Myrcene is one of the primary terpenes that was utilized in cannabis, and it’s incredibly researched. Cannabis terpenes are different parts of the cannabis plant, and it’s an organic compound that it’s psychoactive, but offers a lot of flavors and smells, and each of them have large amounts of potential therapeutically. Terpenes also called isoprenoids are molecules that come from isoprene and are referred to as hydrocarbons. The involve 10 atoms of carbon, and for sesquiterpenes, they involve 15 atoms of carbon. 

There are different terpenes and cannabinoids that are secreted directly by terpenes, but cannabis isn’t the only plant with these, but there are plants such as parsley, thyme, mango, hops, and others that contain myrcene, and there are different properties of this. Myrcene is something that also has isomers too not directly found within nature either. 

Aroma and Taste 

This is one that’s musky, earthy, and it has even some spice and citrus aspects to this, and it’s quite similar to that of clove. The taste of it is pretty earthy too, with a bit of a bitter texture to it as well. 

The benefits 

Myrcene has a ton of benefits that come with this. Reducing pain, stops the growth of bacteria, is anti-diabetic, helps with sleeping, inhibits mutations of cells, reducing psychosis and symptoms, reducing spasms, and also helping with ulcer and gastric muscles are but some of the major benefits of this. 

This also is really good for the synergizing of various cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, and it’s made them quite effective. It also modifies the cell membrane permeability, so the compounds get absorbed better within the receptors as well. This is good for both medical users of cannabis, but also recreational users, as it offers better use for the cannabinoids within this. 

Myrcene actually supposedly helps with the properties of THC, and also reduces the pain in the body, helps with muscle relaxation, and also offers anti-inflammatory along with analgesic results from this. According to studies from sleep hill labs in California, there was a direct link from the myrcene amount in this, and the psychoactive results from this. It has a lot more THC than some of the other strains, and most Indica strains have this, and the lower myrcene is associated with the typical Sativa strains. 

If you can’t find myrcene rich strains, and you want to have the cannabinoid still get a bit stronger, eating something with a lot of myrcene about 45 minutes before you use it does enhance both CBD and THC effects due to the high amounts of content, and it also improves how the cannabinoids get absorbed, both by the CB1 and the CB2 receptors too. 

Strains Rich in This 

There are certain indica strains that do have ea ton of myrcene in it. Pure Kush, or even white widow have a ton of myrcene in this.  There is also the skunk XL that you can get from Royal queen Seeds that also has this.  Special Kush is also really good too. 

However, there are tons of strains out there that have a lot of indica in it, which definitely makes this pretty easy to get the myrcene that you want, and it makes it simpler for you too. 

The properties of this are variable and it’s something that’s good for helping with pain and other such issues. If you’re looking to benefit from this, then definitely look for strains that have it, and also look for different veggies and fruits that contain this as well to help with your own personal needs as well. 

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