With the beginning of medical cannabis in more products along with CBD, the more varieties for cultivation are becoming even easier for those produce it. It showcases the initial full CBD yield that’s thee, and it can double if you make the correct choice. However, a lot of farmers get restricted because of the THC content and limits on the cannabis in the legislation, along with the regulations and limits. 

Here, we’ll discuss some of the best low-THC cannabis variants, which actually can be grown in a lot of areas without too many legal restraints too, and it’s something that is usually labeled as certified hemp varieties that are offered. 

High CBD and Low THC Cannabis types 

Here are some of the top CBD-rich types of cannabis with lower amounts of THC in the catalogue too.  It’s something that should be borne in mind though that if you do want to grow this, you need to make sure that you have a certification of the origin varieties, and also some different kinds of ways to create licensed cannabis types. 

Pure CBD punch is one of the best, and the seeds are cheap. The CBD is about 15% in these, but the THC in this is .6% of this. This is a very heavy kind of producer that offers buds you can harvest within 9 weeks and it’s offered in a variety of feminized seed packets. 

Delimed CBD Plus is another variety, and with over 20% CBD in this and very little THC, this is a great one. It’s a cross-breed from Harlequin and dominated THC types.  It’s got a very small flowering period and was a good flower maker n most cases. 

CBD relief is something that has up to 20% THC in this as well, and it’s something that is very much another very high CBD one along with some hybrids. It’s very fast to flower and requires only eight weeks and is able to be harvest in as early as October. It’s a great one to grow outdoors too. 

Another one is CBD #1, which is a hybrid that’s a mixture of cannatonic and Erdpurt. It’s got about 17% THC in most cases, and only .7% THC in it too. It’s one of the fastest out on the lists as well, and it’s something that can actually be harvested as early as about 8 weeks afterwards, and it ca be harvest in September during the outdoors. It’s got some high and medium yields on this too.  There are different feminized seeks out there too for you to check out and try as well. 

Purplediol auto CBD is another one that has over 17% CBD and just half a percent of THC in it too. This is basically a cross from Afghan rose and Kush CBD from these seeds, and is mostly indica, ready in just 9 weeks too, from the beginning of germination of this all the way to the harvest period. 

Finally, there is sweet pure auto CBD which is auto flowering and is a cross between honey peach auto and sweet pure CBD varieties, which can have up to 20% CBD in this, and only .9% THC within one of these. They’re available to be harvested in about 8 weeks post germination and grow to a pretty high height. Growing CBD is easier than ever before, and this article talked about some of the best high CBD strains that don’t contain a ton of THC, so that you’ll be able to, with this as well, have the best CBD content possible too.