David Lozeau is a figurative painter who creates unique, expressive skeleton characters and puts a modern, Lowbrow twist on traditional Dia de los Muertos iconography. In the span of eight years, he has shown his works in dozens of galleries on three continents, collaborated with Fender, El Jimador Tequila, and Disney, won awards at fine art exhibitions, and been featured in countless magazines and hardcover books.

DLo grew up in rural New Hampshire and earned a graphic art degree. For several years after graduation, he ignored his paints and focused solely on his career, working commercially in print, Web, and video production before eventually moving to Southern California and reawakening his long-dormant artistic side.




Giorgio Uccellini is a self-taught airbrush artist who has been airbrushing for over 20 years. He is one of Europe’s best known airbrush artists – and has won several awards, with work appearing in British art galleries. He is often commissioned to produce artwork of fans’ idols on canvas, and even by the stars themselves, with Roy Wood and Buster Bloodvessel having commissioned him to do their portraits.

Giorgio’s spectacular use of the airbrush has created a style that is both highly acclaimed and aesthetically striking in his portrayal of worldwide icons. He has applied his artwork to every conceivable medium including metal, clothing and even the human body! Giorgio sells his work all over the world; he attends many related international exhibitions and fairs and also offers private tuition.

To accompany his lessons, Giorgio has written books to guide beginners and intermediate artists through the entire process with clear step-by-step photographs and text; from setting up a studio/workspace, planning and drawing, equipment and techniques, surfaces and presentation and more, so be sure to take advantage and meet the man himself at the show. Originally from Italy, Giorgio now lives and works in Sheffield, UK.




Airbrush Artists today are not just painting on cars & bikes they can place the most amazing designs on anything from skate decks to surfboards, Guitars & helmets, anything in fact from your shoes to your fridge.  Kustom Kulture Blastoff is supported by the UK Airbrush Forum. 

Supporting the Airbrushing we have John Hayes and the UK Airbrush Forum they have the knowledge to talk you through the equipment, provide a demonstration and even allow you to ‘Have a Go’ or join a workshop.

Outdoors we have New Wave Custom Airbrushing, they will be demoing their helmet art and trading over the weekend as well as Bex White and Danny Dark Art

Other Art exhibitors include John Rowley new for 2019 with his Rust Art following successful exhibitions around the UK, Rose Croft with her airbrushed Tattoos and the renowned  Motoring Artist Ian Guy is hoping to coming our way too!





From its roots in 50’s America to todays Hotrods pinstriping can also be seen on everything from handbags to kitchenalia. Our Pinstripers & Letterheads will be laying lines/signwriting on almost anything. See them in action at the Panel Jam. Bring your car, bike, shoes, w.h.y. and get some paint on it !! 

Pinstriping will be seen everywhere at KKBO on the trading stands, rolling art, signage and as a stand alone art piece. Demonstrating his sign writing will be the incredible Terry Bull, a one man sign company with a lifelong love for lettering and design.  He blends traditional crafts with modern technology to provide creative signage and for Terry this is his passion not just his work. You’ll find pinstriping in action on the traders field with ‘Vintage Jane’ and inside on the panel jam.




Panel Jams, for the uninitiated, are an artists mecca, a chance to meet other like minded individuals, stripers and letterheads of all levels, both national & international and sling paint all day to admiring crowds. The only requirements are to bring your brushes… all materials & paints are provided and the only rule is  the completion of a spectacular painted panel by the end of each day which in some situations are auctioned for charity, or swapped with other panel jammers. 


We are fortunate in this area to have the amazing Paul Priestley as a Pit Boss on the Panel Jam, returning year on year. And standing by his side the fantastic sign writer, Terry Bull. Bruce Wood is in there too with his unmissable Pinstriping art. Do take the time to visit the Panel Jam. Again, there are demos, workshops and ‘Have a Go’ sessions available, so it’s one not to be missed.

Want to be part of the fun?, apply now to guarantee your place.




Lowbrow Art is now one of the fastest growing art-forms of the 21st Century and encompasses many styles and art-forms from motoring to crazy cars & monsters to pinstriping, vibrant colour and humour.  At KKBO you will find some of finest art on the most amazing items to embellish your home, car, life, wardrobe – whatever…

A newcomer for 2019 ER Whittingham is stepping up this year as our featured Lowbrow artist.  Sadly Mel Langton who has supported up for many years is unable to attend. Emily describes her art as ‘whimsically gothic’ being a combination on vintage American animation, classic horror and the gothic.  Emily’s art is already displayed at galleries and conventions worldwide despite her ‘greenhorn’ status so we know she is definitely one to watch.

As you wander round the show you will find plenty of examples of Lowbrow art, often found with a sense of humor or sarcastic comment but completely fitting to be at KKBO as it’s cultural roots are tiki culture, hot rod and underground comic. 


Year on year the Midland Body Project have returned to display their living art. Such has the interest been in this art form that they now have their own area where you are able to the see the art develop over the course of the day. Be sure not to miss their stage performance in the Marquee on Saturday night.

The Midlands Bodypaint Project

The Midlands Bodypaint Project is a non-profit organisation.

We are a network of Artists, Models and Photographers.



A newer art form for KKBO but one being embraced. You will find some fantastic examples of Graffiti rolling art and we are certainly look forward to seeing live action at the show. Graffiti a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles but one growing in popularity with it’s fun and vibrant feel.

FIVEFIVE DESIGNZ – KKBO 7 we had Adam ‘Dust O’Connor showing us how it’s done to music, this year we have Five Five Designz and we are going one step further with a Graffiti wall – all being well !  It’s always great to see artists in action so this is one to look forward to.





A show dedicated to Kustom Art & Lifestyle which pays homage to yesteryear whilst embracing new talent. Book now and join us for our special 10th Anniversary show, no other show does Rolling Art the way we do!

Kustom Kulture Blast Off

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