Lynda Johnson  (She who must be obeyed!)

Lynda describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, having opened one of the first chains of home computer stores back in the late 70’s/early 80s, operated a successful dating agency called Kids2 and later an advertising agency, Teleimpact. Lynda has always been around advertising and magazines, becoming the 6th top telesales in the whole of the UK during her time with Yellow Pages (1984-1987) and has worked on prestigious county magazines such as; Surrey County, Lincolnshire Life, Occasions and became General Manager of Living South Magazine, a London lifestyle publication south of the river.

In 2000 after discovering her new husband (Kris ‘Puk’ Johnson) was one of the early pinstripers in the UK she was instrumental in aiding him to start the original Pinstriping UK and fed her enthusiasm for all things Kustom. PKG started life as a single sheet newsletter to Pinstriping UK customers. In 2006 when the newsletter had grown to an email defying 32 pages the decision was made to launch the UKs first kustom art magazine. Lynda was the founder and brain child (OAP) behind the Kustom Kulture Blastoff event held in Lincoln UK which is operated through PKG Events Ltd. Lynda says of both PKG & KKBO “I see my role as supporting the artists in this niche field and inspiring the younger element to help to keep these crafts alive”

Kris ‘PuK’ Johnson

Kris owned & operated the original Pinstriping UK where he supplied a vast range of Pinstriping products both on line and via attendance trading at the Hot Rod runs and Bike runs throughout UK. Kris brought Pinstriping to the masses and was possibly one of the most influential advocates of the craft. He became one of the most prolific event stripers throughout the UK between 2000 & 2010, ‘Puk’ is still a signature you will see on vehicles nationwide. His appearance on Pimp My Ride helped launch pinstriper XIII career, and he has taught over 1000 people the basics of striping during this time. His earliest Pinstriping was done in 1984 on Chris Adams’ kustomised Peugeot 203 which graced the front cover of Street Machine.

The company is now owned and operated by AS Handover when ill health forced his early retirement from the scene. Now officially retired Kris will still help out when needed, whether he wants to or not!

Debs & Mark Tetlow

Mick & Sue Exton

 Having been in the scene for many years and traders and organisers themselves both in UK and EU. Mick and Sue look after all the outside traders from placement to problems
Having been with us since the show was just a pipe dream they are part pf the strong back bone of support our team provides.


Paul Priestly (Panel Jam Pit Boss)




Hi you crazy cats I’m Paul (the pit boss) and run the Pinstriping pit at KKBO. I’ve been around the custom / hot rod scene since the early 70’s. My background is traditional signwriting and Pinstriping. Kkbo is thee show for all areas of hot rod art and lifestyle, it’s a cool family event and I’ve been involved since day one and if I could only attend one show a year this would be it.


Wendy’s Lot !


Wendy Priestley has been involved in the organisation of outdoor events for over 30 years now so was delighted when Lynda Johnson asked her to become involved with the ‘new’ event named Kustom Kulture Blastoff.

Wendy was asked to run the gate and meet and greet visitors and participants alike so knew help would be needed and had no hesitation in roping in hubby Les and some ‘Child Labour’ in the form of her two grandchildren and their friends.

“My grandson Shane was only 15 when he started work on the gate with me” says Wendy “as were his two good friends (my unofficially adopted extra grandkids !) Joe Rowledge and Jake ‘Fish’ Taylor.  Granddaughter Jade was only eight years old at KKBO 1 but was an enthusiastic participant in ticket selling, hand stamping and general dogsbodying!”

Fast forward to the present  and the ‘kids are all grown up.  Shane is now working in retail, ‘Fish’ is qualified in  IT and Joe is a qualified Chef  but the enthusiasm for KKBO is still there and they look forward to being the ‘Purple Gate Team’  as always every year.

Jade has blossomed into KKBO’s own model girl and loves nothing better than being in charge of the registrations and general merchandise stands as well as helping Wendy to design and decorate the  Entrances to the vast and varied array that is the wonderland of Kustom Kulture Blastoff .


Rocking Steve our intrepid MC    &   Steph  aka The Professor (PA )


Our resident MC & Entertainment Director needs no introduction having been with us since the very first KKBO in 2010., Steve  keeps the show rocking all weekend either with his outdoor MC or on the stage setting  the atmosphere for our great live bands.

Introducing Steph, who is now our resident PA Tech responsible for the high quality sound of KKBO..



 Mad Mark

I have been involved with motorcycles since I was 9yrs old and have always liked most things mechanical. I have also worked in the event industry in one way or another for 20yrs ranging from the gopher to event manager for a corporate event company. I am so pleased to be asked to look after the car park and gate control at KKBO and I am really looking forward to seeing all of you and your creations this year. Please feel free to say hello and show off your masterpiece’s to me.









Lauren has become the smiley face of the camping team and can generally be found looking after her patch at the topend of the Showground near the Exhibition Hall.



Rob Gurney (Official Paparazzi)


“I have been working as a professional graphic designer for over 10 years which bled into videography and finally photography in 2013 which is when i started my own freelance company  : Digital Mechanic

A few notable achievements:House photographer @ o2 Academy Leicester, 2015 to Present
Slash & Mötley Crüe Main Stage @ Download festival, 2015
Englebert Humperdink recording studio shoot, December 2016
Dave Leicester comedy festival cameraman and sole video editor for entire festival, 2015
Digital Artist / Graphic designer for the Dolmio 2017 Campaign
Publications : Twisted Edge Magazine, Twisted Latex Magazine, Leicester Mercury, Daily Mirror, Sonic seducer

My work has naturally gravitated towards the alternative scene and in 2014 I was invited to be the official photographer / videographer for Kustom Kulture Blastoff 5 which i can honestly say was a life changing event. I didn’t really have much of an appreciation for art as most of what i’d been exposed to was a bit too stuffed shirt and cliquey for my tastes, however being exposed to a plethora of wonderful artists at KKBO and i finally fell head over heels in love with not only art but also the associated Kustom Kulture lifestyle. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with phenomenal artists covering genres such as airbrush, pinstripers, bodypaint and so many more, not only were these artist incredibly talented but also very welcoming, humble and exuding a genuine love for their craft.
Having completed 3 tours of duty for KKBO, I’m delighted to be confirmed to return for a 4th time in 2018 and it’s definitely one of the highlights of my working year.”

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