KKBO boasts the largest gathering of kustom artists in the UK from Airbrush, to Lowbrow, to Pinstripers and everything in between.



Airbrush Artists today are not just painting on cars & bikes they can place the most amazing designs on anything from skate decks to surfboards, Guitars & helmets, anything in fact from your shoes to your fridge.



From its roots in 50’s America to todays Hotrods pinstriping can also be seen on everything from handbags to kitchenalia. Our Pinstripers & Letterheads will be laying lines/signwriting on almost anything. See them in action at the Panel Jam. Bring your car, bike, shoes, w.h.y. and get some paint on it !!


Lowbrow Art is now one of the fastest growing art-forms of the 21st Century and encompasses many styles and art-forms from motoring to crazy cars & monsters to pinstriping, vibrant colour and humour.  At KKBO you will find some of finest art on the most amazing items to embellish your home, car, life, wardrobe – whatever…


Tattoo art can be seen on everything from wine bottles and handbags, to clothing. Why not visit the Tattoo Row, now in the main exhibition hall, for your own ink experience from one of our superb tattoo artists.


 Living Art / Body & Face Painting

Body Paint Project wowed us with some of the most vibrant and colorful work. In 2017 they will be returning to offer both creativity and spectacle. So be sure to also see their stage performances in the main entertainment marquee on Saturday

Tiki Graffitti


Today its followers embrace the Hawaiian Shirts, to tiki carvings, shrunken heads to stunning summer dresses, cocktails and beach or surf  themed decor. . At KKBO you can unleash your own inner Tiki with our mix of art and tiki inspired clothing and decorative items.

 The Panel Jam

Panel Jams, for the uninitiated, are an artists mecca, a chance to meet other like minded individuals, stripers and letterheads of all levels, both national & international and sling paint all day to admiring crowds.

The only requirements are to bring your brushes… all materials & paints are provided and the only rule is  the completion of a spectacular painted panel by the end of each day which in some situations are auctioned for charity, or swapped with other panel jammers.

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